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This is Samvid, co-founder and product lead. I wanted this to be a bit informal, so I'm just gonna talk here instead of creating a document.

Job Location: Gurgaon, Currently Remote due to Coronavirus Indefinitely

Compensation: 4 - 20 LPA 

(First) Full Stack Engineer | Core Team Member

Our Vision

We're looking to recruit for the core team of our funded startup.

Less than 1% of people complete their New Year's resolution. Less than 9% do something about it after the first week.

We believe that the main challenge of our times is self-regulation and self discipline. For this, technology should be a solution and not the primary cause for distractions. We want to tackle this by using behavioural psychology, AI & games to help achieve our goals through small, byte sized habits.

Learn more about our product & vision here :

Who We Are

We have experience in building products as a core part of other startups (nearbuy, Limetray) and have used these opportunities to understand how to build technology businesses from the grounds-up. Gaurav and I are founders, and batchmates from NSIT CS, batch of 2013. 

Who We Are Looking For

We are a team of about 5 right now and are looking to expand to 15. We need people across product, engineering and design. The way we see everyone's role at Atom is that everyone has a core competency which will be their primary responsibility, beyond which, each person has the right to choose to do more than just their role. We distribute tasks democratically and we will continue to do that as part of our culture.

Why should you join ?

The main takeaway for people wouldn't be the pay, if money is in your top three motivations to apply, I would discourage you from applying. We are at a point where we want to figure out product-market fit and as part of a small organisation you learn how to do that. Additionally, you will learn how to build and launch a consumer product for the western market, how to setup a team for a startup and more ownership in your field of work. Unless these aren't your priority, or if our vision doesn't appeal to you I would recommend against this profile.

Interview Process

We do this quite differently, for reasons that seem obvious to us. Basis your CV, we will have a video-call. Post that, we usually like people to come on board with us for 2-3 weeks and work with us. If you're already working, you can do this on weekends. We've seen this work well for us in previous startups mostly because it really helps us understand each other in terms of vision, culture and how we approach problems. This will definitely be more than an employer-employee relationship and we know that first 5-10 people in a startup are absolutely critical, perhaps even more so than founders. This "trial" helps both parties sort of de-risk the process.

If you've made it this far, congratulations. You've more focus than the majority. Let's finally get into the actual day-to-day


Own a large piece of the codebase and drive engineering, defining best practices, principles and a dintinct but powerful culture of technology-first product building.

  • Ownership: Work directly with the technical founder, own app development and feature delivery
  • Software Architecture: Design, build high performance, reusable, and reliable architecture.
  • Back-end: Designing schemas and building APIs into a Service Oriented Architecture
  • Front-end: Building Web/Mobile Apps from scratch
  • UI design: Translate designs and wireframes into high quality code
  • Performance: Ensure the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of the application

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Software Architect : Strong knowledge of interface guidelines, patterns, and best practices
  • Performance: Experience with threading, and performance tuning. A knack for benchmarking and optimization.
  • Solid understanding of OOP, OS concepts, Data Structure, Algorithms, Data Stores - SQLite, NOSQL
  • Ownership Driven: Owns end to end development

Good to Have

  • Knowledge of emerging technologies, mobile architectures, trends and landscapes
  • Knowledge of React Native or other Hybrid platforms.

Interested people can get in touch with us at or better still send a whatsapp to 8971182182

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